About Us

Partnering with GBF

We know our customers have shaped our business and therefore deserve honesty, integrity and full attention to their needs. We make doing business with GBF, Inc. simple and straightforward.

About Us - Partnering

GBF, Inc. develops superior products and processes that enable us to offer our customers solutions that save them money. We are a strong, committed partner and look forward to providing you with the most innovative and reliable products, services and solutions.

Why Partner with GBF?

  • We listen, we understand, we deliver on our commitments
  • We demonstrate loyalty to our customers and allow their needs to drive our business
  • Access to kit design, manufacturing and distribution expertise
  • The ability to manage kit, component and supply inventory
  • Access to state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and machinery
  • Quality and process-driven from design through distribution
  • We greatly offset the labor, materials and inventory costs associated with in-house kit assembly, saving time and money
  • Our medium size enables us to deliver a level of service, quality and flexibility that larger competitors simply can’t achieve
  • Secure facility, secure systems, secure data

Outsource headaches without sacrificing process control or product quality