Medical Group

Toxicology - Drugs of Abuse & Forensic

Since the government mandated a drug-free workplace in the 1980s, GBF has adapted our cutting-edge technology, production and kit manufacturing capabilities to address the needs of our customers. We do so while still maintaining exceptional product quality and regulatory compliance.

Medical Group - Toxicology

GBF offers our customers the ability to combine pre-printed customized chain of custody forms in the same package as their kits. This minimizes the freight impact while ensuring your customers have one box that contains all the supplies necessary for the collection.

We also offer saliva, hair and forensic test kits that can be fully customized to your exacting specifications. Or if you’re not sure that your current kit is adequate, please contact us.

Kit Features & Benefits

  • Cost competitive
  • Multiple case and product configurations
  • Collection kits comply with the Department of Transportation’s Title 49 CFR Part 40, Appendix A
  • Eliminate leakage: transport vials certified 95kPa compliant, meet IATA pressure requirements
  • Sturdy plastic outer lid protects kit contents during shipping, designed for convenient staking
  • Designed to work with multiple aliquotting systems
  • Stock-to-Custom program: Kits can be customized with the names of hospitals, insurance companies, labs or collection agencies

Kit Types

  • Urine
  • Blood Urine
  • Oral Fluids
  • Hair
  • Blood Alcohol