Medical Group

Aliquotting Solution

GBF is a supplier of an Automated Pipetting System, which is designed to aliquot test samples from 45ml tamper-evident flip top vials to a compatible Olympus or Hitachi test rack while ensuring Chain of Custody (COC).

This system was designed to provide laboratories of various sizes a system that follows lean manufacturing principles in order to increase throughput and eliminate the typical machine-related constraints.

Systems purchased through GBF have been designed to work with not only our vial, but also competitor vials to provide our customers the best solution with several long-term options. Although bundling is a well-known strategy, we believe that separating internal lab processes from the urine collection kit offers the greatest operational advantage.

Features & Benefits

  • Desk top unit
  • Robust construction
  • Open source
  • Maximum value
  • Aligns with LEAN manufacturing principles