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Supply Chain Integration

GBF offers value-added solutions that easily integrate with your company’s existing systems to create a streamlined supply chain.

Solutions - Supply Chain Management

From the procurement and production of your printed materials, kits and other supplies, to the warehousing and distribution of your products, GBF’s 40+ years of experience in supply chain management allows you to remain focused on the core competency of your business.

Solutions - Supply Chain Management

We manage demand utilizing a process driven approach that dynamically balances the various capabilities and constraints of the entire supply chain. This total system approach minimizes supply, production and distribution disruptions while minimizing costs and improving visibility.

Solutions - Supply Chain Management

Our flexible and proven systems offer you control over each step in the process while providing you with all ordering, reporting, lot information and tracking data via customized information system exchange.

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  • Extended/flexible shipping hours
  • Printed collateral management/inventory
  • Printed collateral storage with pick-and-pack shipping
  • GBF is responsible for component and inventory management/control
  • Ability to provide live inventory updates
  • Inspecting incoming product
  • Lot and expiration tracking
  • Customized reports that work
    for you
  • Inbound/outbound freight savings
  • Order tracking through fulfillment